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We were a humble UX agency with a big problem. Our business was growing, but so was our frustration with the time and effort it was taking to get our research projects completed for our clients. We had a mountain of research buried in spreadsheets, post-its, and paper notes. To complicate matters, we had three different places we were storing the data and retrieving it became a game of memory. We were spending valuable time hunting and organizing – time and energy better spent on analysis.

We thought to ourselves…”We can’t be the only ones experiencing this problem. There has to be a solution to all of this, right?!” But there wasn’t. We couldn’t find one tool to help us easily prepare and collaborate on interview guides, take notes as a team, or quickly centralize all our insights.

So, fueled with coffee and energy bars, we created something that helped us get the job done for our clients and save our sanity. Bonus… we loved using it and the confidence it provided our team!

As time went on, we heard from other user research and design professionals, and like us experiencing similar struggles. So, in 2012 we began creating a tool that is now ready to share with everyone else that believes in keeping the user at the center of their process.

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